Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India


Hey Travelers, here we are with the Best 10 holiday destination for couples in India. this is the question I have been asked from many Peoples. Therefore, we are going to visiting some Best 10 holiday destination for couples in India. let’s start the journey of a small part of the big world.

Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Are you planning to take your special someone to a Romantic Holiday Destination In India for a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant? That’s cool, but it is too mainstream and there is nothing romantic about it anymore. True romance involves originality and surprises. Kanyakumari has several beaches and many of them offer awe-inspiring experiences and views. Steeped in incredible natural beauty, Kanyakumari is an amazing place for a romantic getaway. It is India’s meeting point where the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea slows into the Indian Ocean.

It’s the place where the massive Indian sub-continent gently gives way to the blue seas. And definitely, this is a feast for our starving eyes. If you visit Kanyakumari, make sure that you find a spot from where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the entire beach-side and the vast coastline along the Indian Ocean. So make sure to get to the View Tower & Telescope House. From here you can get a panoramic view of the entire landscape and the seascape, for several miles.

 Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Go someplace where stars kiss the mountains, pines hug the cliffs, and mists romance the soaked leaves! A tender moment is created in such heavenly setting and the time is perfect to plan a honeymoon; the one in the mountains. Himachal has people’s favorite in Manali and there are best places in Manali for honeymoon that rightly make it a lover’s nest.

Manali is much more than Manikaran, Vashisht Hot Spring, and Hadimba Temple. And it’s high time every curious couple knew about these places before sealing it as their honeymoon destination. Planning an extensive honeymoon here means you not only get to romance the best of mountains but also bask in the surroundings that are a wonderful creation of nature.

 Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India


You’re planning for traveling with your love one, you have list of the places where you love to visit and that list may not be Goa, how can it be possible. Goa is such place where you can have fun in any situation. Though August is the time of monsoon in Goa. there is many activities to do, visit Churches, Beaches, Pubs and Water Sports. Most of the people prefer to visit Goa in August. because this season is to rest, have fun, Getting wet in the rain and enjoy the rain. Going to Goa in this month is too much fun.

 Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

Pondicherry. Tamil Nadu

Escape from the hectic pace of modern-day Chennai in Pondicherry (also sometimes Pondicherry or just Pondy). With its crumbling colonial villas and colorful leafy streets, the influences of French rule are clear to see in the French quarter. And, known as “Little Paris”, it certainly espouses some of the City of Love’s romantic charm. Take a stroll along the beach promenade for panoramic views out over the Bay of Bengal.

 Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Just the name of this town conjures up the fragrant scent of tea leaves. Situated in the Himalayan foothills, Darjeeling is stupendously sited, its curving rows of manicured tea plants elegantly shaping the hilled landscape into emerald-green curving undulations. To experience its old-world charm, plunge through the mist-covered mountains on the narrow-gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

 Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India


With its palm-tree-lined white-sand beaches overlooking the turquoise waters of the Arabian sea, the idyllic cluster of islands that make up Lakshadweep boast the country’s only coral atoll. Part of the same marine mountain range as the Maldives, the islands’ diving and snorkeling opportunities are unsurpassed, and they feel a world away from modern life, making this the ultimate honeymoon destination.

Shreee Nagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Srinagar has been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India for decades. While the area has been hit by outbursts of violence in recent years, it still remains one of the country’s most beautiful places to visit. Stay on a Gurkha houseboat on the Nagin Lake and cruise the waters of the “Venice of the East”. Or, take a romantic shikara ride out into the water at night and watch the stars cluster overhead.

Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

Leh & Ladakh

Bordered by the snow-covered Himalaya’s, Leh is a great place for adventure lovers. The area offers fantastic trekking opportunities, as well as mountain biking. But there’s also a wealth of sights to explore, from the medieval Tibetan Leh Palace to the golden-roofed Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery and the more recent Shanti Stupa “peace pagoda” inaugurated by the Dalai Lama. The pagoda’s terrace is a picturesque setting to watch the sun rise over the mountains, or to take part in a yoga session.


Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India
Havelock Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India, Indian Sub-Continent, Asia

Havelock, Andaman Islands

A four-hour ferry drive away from Port Blair, the pristine blue waters of the Have-lock Island are perfect to set the tone for your time ahead with your loved one. Hire a bicycle, bike or just walk around on the island, the place offers you your time alone, without any tourist-y distractions.

Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India


Best and Beautiful Udaipur is known as the city of lake it is the second Best place to visit and it’s also a best romantic holiday city in India. Udaipur used to be capital of Kingdome Mewar. There is some Best tourist attraction like Lake Palace, City Palace, Jagdish Tample and the Biggest lake Fateh Sagar and Pichola are the beautiful attractions. The best Reason behind visiting Udaipur is city palace which is the most visited place in Rajasthan. A beautiful collection of palaces, garden and museum is the series of architectural styles. If you want to visit Rajasthan or Udaipur, so the best weather to visit Udaipur is winter.


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