20 Best Places To Visit In India

20 Best Places To Visit In India

Best Places To Visit In India, India is country in south Asia, it is the seventh largest country by area. The second most popular country 1.2 billion people and most popular democracy in the world. In this article we are talking about Best Places To Visit In India. Be part of this beautiful journey.

Places To Visit In India

Best 10 Romantic holiday destination for couples in India

1 . Leh Ladakh

Ladakh has always been a secret land for all. When it concerned exploring this incredible land in ladakh there is a great deal of Places To Visit In India and a hell lot of locations to visit in Ladakh. This fantastic land has actually continued to surprise it visitors with its imposing peaks and snow-capped Himalayan and Karakoram mountain varies, the rapidly-flowing Indus and Zanskar rivers and numerous streams carrying the glaciers from the mountains tucked amidst rich green valleys, all conjure a travellers dream.

Certainly, a tourist’s check out to India is never complete without a tour to Ladakh. It is not only a traveler’s paradise but a delight to every traveler as it uses tranquility and tranquility in the middle of picturesque and scenic views of nature. With every check out to this land, each traveler creates a great deal of memories from various places. Whether you are a nature fan and desire to take in the idyllic beauty of nature or you are a passionate experience seeker with thrills and frills on your trip or bike lover to have bike trip at ladakh which is a wonderful land for a number of activities and of the best Places To Visit In India.


Places To Visit In Jammu And Kashmir

2 . Kashmir

Every year Kashmir invites tourist from all over the world to its stunning valleys, beautiful lakes, snow topped mountains, splendid gardens, historical monuments in addition to lots of scope for indulging in adventure activities like travelling, outdoor camping, water-sports and a lot more activities. Surrounded with the sublime mountains, these valleys echo nature, charm and a certain level of mysticism. If just words might explain the spectacular beauty of the landscape of Kashmir, such is the appeal that you will find a poet in yourself.


Places To Visit In India

3 . Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and one of the best in Places To Visit In India. Your trip to India will never ever finish its cycle until you visit Delhi. The capital is like a tiny India. It is a combination of all the cultures, faith and traditions discovered all over the country. Hindu Maharajas, Mughals and the British made it their capital, and it remains so till date. There is a lot to see in Delhi, however I have noted out some substantial traveler attractions of Delhi for you in Top 5 Most Popular Attractions in Delhi and most visited in Places To Visit In India.

Places To Visit In India

Historical places in India

4 . Agra

Agra is filled with a history of the Mughal guideline in India. All the monoliths and burial places that you will discover here were made by notorious Mughal emperors. A few of the very best amongst these are noted below. Taj Mahal is a representation of India in the worldwide sphere. It is among the seven wonders of the world. It is indeed a miracle. This magnificent monument made from white marble stones is an everlasting sign of love. The story goes on that out of all his wives, Shahjahan loved Mumtaz one of the most. Her untimely death came as a shock to the king, and he wished to eternalize his love for her by building a beautiful tomb.

Agra Fort, likewise known the Red Fort, is one of the very best forts in the country. You will fall for its architecture. It is extremely close to Taj Mahal and for that reason, very simple for you to visit. Read about it in The 6 Oldest Forts in India. most visited place is Fatehpur sikri. Fatehpur Sikri is not simply a monolith; it’s a city. King Akbar built it in the 16th century, and it was the capital of the Mughal empire for some time.


Places To Visit In India

5 . Varanasi

” Varanasi is India for the skilled,” writes Gill Charlton. “Its crowded narrow alleys can cause claustrophobia even in experienced tourists: mourners bring their dead on biers to the burning balconies above the river; holy men and pilgrims bathe in the frankly dirty waters upstream and consult astrologists and palm readers; and cows, goats and rough kids scavenge for scraps on the ghats– the flights of actions down to the Ganges.” Not for the fainthearted then, however rather a spectacle.

Varanasi is found on the banks of spiritual river, the Ganges, in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is likewise called the City of Temples. There countless Hindu temples and holy ghats in this city. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Durga Temple, etc deserve go to in the city. The city of Varanasi is one of the earliest living cities in the world. Today Varanasi has emerged as among the most well-known travel destinations on tourism in India.

Places To Visit In India


Places To Visit In India

6 . Jaisalmer

Glittering sand dunes and fantastic turbans, lissome lasses in gauzy veils and mirror-worked skirts, caparisoned camels and a fortress in shades of burnished gold and latticed screens– Jaisalmer in the desert state of Rajasthan is truly the clichéd Arabian Nights fantasy come alive. Condé Nast Traveller selects 10 things that you must do while here:

Developed in 1156, the golden yellow Jaisalmer Fort is the second-oldest in Rajasthan. The sandstone Fort crowns the Trikuta Hill and stands guard over the city. Within its walls, protected by 99 turrets, lies the old city. Stroll through 4 colossal gates into the chaotic streets of the squat Sonar Quila. The most extraordinary part of the fort is that more than 4,000 people still live within its ancient walls. Walk through the maze of tiny lanes lined with temples, havelis, and palaces in addition to souvenir stores and experienced artisans. Lastly, delight in panoramic views of the city from a number of ‘cannon points’.


Visit the Desert Cultural Center in addition to the Folklore Museum to obtain an insight into the abundant cultural heritage of the region. Get a look of paintings, post cards, old coins, ancient manuscripts, outfits, jewellery and ornate camel and horse decors. Admire regional handicrafts, wall hangings, portable altars as well as clay recreations of haveli facades. Don’t leave without viewing the night puppet show.

The most lovely part of the fortress is the cluster of sandstone Jain temples with skyrocketing spires developed in the 12th and 15th centuries with scalloped arches, cornices and fragile filigree work. Do not forget to peek into the Parsvanath Temple devoted to the 22nd Tirthankara with its elaborate ceiling which has a sculpture of a demon-like head with 4 bodies arranged in a circle. As you walk, the head appears to link to each of the bodies. Don’t leave without visiting the poorly lit Gyan Bhandar library in the basement which houses rare manuscripts.

Jaisalmer’s place is extraordinary: at the really fringe of the large Thar Desert. The majority of people head here to go on a camel safari which can range from half-day trips to enjoying a sunset on a dune and even spending a few nights under the stars with campfires and rustic food. The closest set of dunes is the Sam dunes where dune slamming has been presented. At Lama Heritage Village, you can take photographs in colourful Rajasthani outfit, pay attention to ethnic music and hear folklore. If you are fortunate you can even find elusive desert animals like the chinkara and fox. Don’t forget to bring a hat, sun block and loads of water!


Places To Visit In India

7 . Rann Of Kutch

The largest district of Gujarat, Kutch is a paradise for cultural tourists worldwide with over 18 different people that live harmoniously in spite of their differing languages, custom-mades and traditions. While the jeep and camel safaris throughout the Rann of Kutch might be the best attraction in the area, there are a number of other lovely things to see.

Great Rann of Kutch is one among the ‘not to miss’ locations in Gujarat. For your info, there is a Little Rann of Kutch too. Great Rann of Kutch steps over 16000 sq. kms and this is the biggest salt desert in the world. The huge area is packed with white salt other than throughout monsoon times in India when the desert is filled with waters. The best time to go to the place would be on a full moon day when the location looks remarkable in moonlight. The dawn and sundown on Great Rann of Kutch is a feast to your eyes and they elevate your spirits as well. It would be great if you visit this location by the end of December to experience the cultural extravaganza organized by the government. The luxury tents established by the federal government will make your stay comfy.


Places To Visit In India

8 . Aurangabad

The historical backdrop of Maharashtra can be gone back to second BC where the significant religions like Hinduism and Buddhism prospered in full fledge with energizing and convincing expressions, specialties, figures and depictions. A portion of the popular hollows of Maharashtra are Ajanta caverns which comprise of more than 30 holes; Ellora holes where right around 34 holes are found with fine multifaceted insides and elaborate veneers consolidated speak to the three religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism; Elephanta holes were assigned as an UNESCO World Heritage Site arranged on the northern coastline of Mumbai; Aurangabad holes are isolated into two segments, one is called Western Group Caves and another as Eastern Group Caves.


Places To Visit In India

9 . Sunderbans

he name Sundarban itself comes from Sundari tree, which generally means beautiful. Sundarban is located in Southern part of West Bengal and it is very well known Tiger Reserve of our country protecting Royal Bengal tigers and giving them the best habitat. Accessibility-Sundarban is not directly accessible from any state. Its nearest station is Canning from which cab ride is around 6 hours. But the travel to Sundarban was very comforting as it was a tour package which organised by our Private Tour package provider.

Sundarban is a very big Reserve forest . It will take a complete day, still you maynot see all of it. But a very serene place to spend your holiday. It is having very deep Mangrove plantation and the forest was even denser during Winters. It was cool and very mesmerising beauty of mother nature. Lots of island views can be seen consisting of small ones inside water. The Tiger, crocodiles, monitor lizards were easily seen. It consists all other reptiles also but may be visible if lucky, like turtle, dolphins etc. Not only animals, this place is a heaven for all birds. In the silent forest the singing of birds is very sweet and different colors add a sprinkle to you tour taste. Lots of Watch Towers are there which can give you a better view of the forest and photography like Sajnekhalli and Sudhanyakhalli.

Places To Visit In India


Places To Visit In India

10 . Sikkim

All hail to the natural paradise, because northeast states have always been a dream destination for tourists near and far. And this time we will be assisting you to some finest places in Northeast and Places To Visit In India, you can venture for a family trip. Though North East has actually been perceived as adventurists’ paradise but a few of its locations are ideal for a fun-filled household holiday as well. For that reason, there is no other way that you need to disregard this region while preparing a family trip in India.

Pelling is an absolute household destination and a vacation with enjoyed ones here can definitely include enjoyable to your life. Pelling uses a scenic view of the mountains like Kangchenjunga, Rathong, Frey, Kabru North and others. You can tour the town, meet individuals of different cultures, savour tasty Tibetan and Nepalese foods and take pleasure in the picturesque appeal. There are some spellbinding places that you can go to in Pelling like Sing coast Suspension Bridge, which is the second greatest canyon bridge in Asia and the greatest in Sikkim. You can also take a brief nature walk to Pemayangtse Monastery, the oldest monasteries of Sikkim; Rabdengtse Ruins, situated at a strolling distance from the Pemayangtse Monastery; a spiritual lake– Khecheopalri, and Sewaro Rock Garden.


Places To Visit In India

11 . Meghalaya

This town of Meghalaya is commonly known for highest rains. It enjoys breathtaking views to keep you mesmerized all through the day. Cherrapunji features some stunning waterfalls, including Dainthlen Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Nohkalikai Falls and Seven Sisters Falls. Other attractions in the town are Mawsmai Cave, Thangkharang Park, Double Decker Living Root Bridge and Mawkdok Dympep Valley. Your vacation in Cherrapunji will offer you complete rejuvenating experience.



12 . Kerala

Kerala is the Venice of East, romantic capital of South India and God’s own country. This location is filled with breathtaking landscapes and romantic spots. Starting from the vibrant backwaters to kindling hill station; this place has everything in one bundle. Are you a food lover or backpacker or romantic person? No matter what type of holiday you are searching for, Kerala is constantly the very best option. There are a great deal of things to do and Places To Visit In India and Kerala.


13 . Hampi

Hampi, the city that ruled empires. The capital of the Vijayanagar Empire of the 15th century and the capital of the Kishkinda Empire of the Ramayan era. While the forlorn Hampi ruins remind the tourists of King Krishnadevaraya’s glorious reign of Vijayanagar, the heaps of golden-brown boulders characteristic of Hampi’s landscape remind the pilgrims of Hanuman, the heroic servant of Lord Ram, who took his birth here in Kishkinda. Hanuman used to play with these giant boulders in his childhood, sometimes placing them artistically one above the other in a delicate balance. His artistry with rocks is preserved through the centuries.

While the faithless marvel at these rock-patterns that seemingly defy gravity, the faithful are enraptured in thoughts of Hanuman. Though the towering Virupaksha temple is still a landmark of Hampi, other spots in connection with the Ramayan lie enshrouded behind the spell-bounding Hampi ruins. But if you dig – just a little, with sincerity – you will find Hampi unveiling itself as a holy place which has witnessed the deepest emotions of the Ramayan


14 . Mysore

Mysore is the cultural hub of Bangalore’s cosmopolitan modernity and these two cities in many ways encapsulate the state of Karnataka. A weekend trip from Bangalore to Mysore is always one to look forward to. The 150 km route is dotted with numerous attractions. Bollywood buffs would recognize the rocky landscape of Ramanagara from the movie Sholay, while a detour showcases the Kanva reservoir, where some peaceful moments can be enjoyed in a serene location.

The city of Mysore is laden with attractions of many kinds. One needs to visit the centerpiece of the city, the Mysore Palace. It shows the pinnacle of the Wodeyar dynasty’s reign and is an architectural marvel that is visited by millions every year. Some of the structural highlights of this palace are the grand main approach, an arched gateway with towers. The architecture includes elements of Mughal, Gothic, and Rajput designs.



15 . Andaman & Nicobar

Best Places To Visit In India ever which i love to visit in Andaman and Nicobar and love this place. The Andaman & Nicobar Islands form an island chain in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar. This place is one of those places that we just dream about. Most part of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a Union Territory of India, while a little part in the north of the archipelago, consisting of the Coco Islands, belongs to Myanmar. The island chain is divided into 2 groups of islands – the Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands.


16 . Kanyakumari

It’s the place where the massive Indian sub-continent gently gives way to the blue seas. And definitely, this is a feast for our starving eyes. If you visit Kanyakumari, make sure that you find a spot from where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the entire beach-side and the vast coastline along the Indian Ocean. So make sure to get to the View Tower & Telescope House. From here you can get a panoramic view of the entire landscape and the seascape, for several miles.


17 . Manali

Go someplace where stars kiss the mountains, pines hug the cliffs, and mists romance the soaked leaves! A tender moment is created in such heavenly setting and the time is perfect to plan a honeymoon; the one in the mountains. Himachal has people’s favorite in Manali and there are best places in Manali for honeymoon that rightly make it a lover’s nest.


18 . Goa

You’re planning for traveling with your love one and Places To Visit In India, you have list of the places where you love to visit and that list may not be Goa, how can it be possible. Goa is such place where you can have fun in any situation. Though August is the time of monsoon in Goa. there is many activities to do, visit Churches, Beaches, Pubs and Water Sports. Most of the people prefer to visit Goa in August. because this season is to rest, have fun, Getting wet in the rain and enjoy the rain. Going to Goa in this month is too much fun.


19 . Shree Nagar

Srinagar has been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India for decades. While the area has been hit by outbursts of violence in recent years, it still remains one of the best Places To Visit In India and most beautiful places to visit. Stay on a Gurkha houseboat on the Nagin Lake and cruise the waters of the “Venice of the East”. Or, take a romantic shikara ride out into the water at night and watch the stars cluster overhead.

20 . Andaman Islands

A four-hour ferry drive away from Port Blair, the pristine blue waters of the Have-lock Island are perfect to set the tone for your time ahead with your loved one. Hire a bicycle, bike or just walk around on the island, the place offers you your time alone, without any tourist-y distractions.

This are the India’s Best Places To Visit In India.


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