Top 6 Places To Visit In Goa

Goa is a dream for all tourists to visit this beautiful coastal tourist destination. Goa is the only place where everyone thinks to go and wants to enjoy the night parties, clubs and all. There is no shortage of tourist places in Goa. Water Sports, Happy Clubs on the beach and countless choices of food, you will surely have trouble in choosing them all. Goa’s Top Places needs at least two to three days to roam. There are many such things in Goa that you will not able to travel in the one trip. There are many beautiful places in Goa. Here we are giving you information about the famous tourist places. now we are going to visit Best Places to visit in Goa.

Best Places To Visit In Goa

Best Places To Visit In Goa

So the first Question that comes to mind when planning a trip is when you should you go to Goa? And lot of people who are think is Goa is the best in December and Bla Bla Bla, but honestly worst time to go would be November and December. I have two main reasons for this, number one it is way too crowded, there are many tourist visit Goa in November and December.

All restaurants are over packed, there are many peoples in the beach, swimming in ocean doing water sports and also clubs are the so crowded. There is absolutely no place to dance actually have a good time. And second reason is because it is expensive as if. Prices are in December so high. I would advise you, if you really want to enjoy the Goa then avoid the months of November and December. Instead you can go in February or in March. Because this months are very good and cheap as well.

Best Places To Visit In Goa

1. The Magnificent Church Of Old Goa

Goa is the center of some of the oldest churches in India, in which the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Church of Bom Jesus, is one of the patron saints of Goa, dedicated to St. Francis Xavier. Assisi’s Church of St. Francis of the 1600s; And the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception which is famous for the beautiful statue of Mother Mary. Old Goa is included in UNESCO word heritage list. This is one of those Places to visit in Goa.

There are many wonderful Churches here. Most of these churches are made in 17th and 18th centuries. The exterior and interior part of these buildings are well decorated, the most popular of these is Basilica of Bom Jesus. In it are remains of St. Francis Xavier, who came here as the missionary of Jesus in the 16th century. Apart from this, Gold-water altars and Baroque architecture also attracts visitor’s attention.

Best Places To Visit In Goa

2. Tito’s: Goa Nightlife

Goa has always being popular for its nightlife, and Tito’s is one of the best nightclub in Goa. It is also one of the first discotheques of Goa. Located off the main road, towards Baga Beach, Tito’s Consists of two level; Dance floor on level and level two is where you can sit and watch over the action below. Saturday night at Tito’s is all about pulsating dance floor, electrifying music and throbbing light. The food of Tito’s is quite good. Good recommendation for party peoples. This is one of those Places to visit in Goa.

Best Places To Visit In Goa

3. Waterfalls of Goa

Local peoples say that Goa is not looks beautiful during the rains. But away from Goa coastal and tourist sites. The Most popular attraction of area is Dhudhsagar Waterfalls, which is located 60 KM from Panaji on NH 4A. The name of Waterfalls is due to white foamy of running water. The majestic cascade of white water, gushing over the steep, nearly vertical face of the mountain from a spectacular height of 1017ft; is both breath taking and awe inspiring, making one aware that there are many forces in nature much more powerful that the human mind and body.

 Best Places To Visit In Goa

4. Old Latin Quarters Fontaine

Goa is not only famous for its beaches; rather, there is a lot of learning about culture. The old Latin quarter of Goa seems to belong to another part of the world, Maybe Europe but certainly not India. The Beautiful number plates of houses are like work of art. Read the pages of history and discover about the old Latin Quarters of Goa, Fontainehas. This is one of those Places to visit in Goa. Its unique ways reflect its rich Portuguese heritage, where the blue-yellowed buildings and old-style attractive bungalows embrace the mind.  Of course, this is a great place to roam!

Best Places To Visit In Goa Best Places To Visit In Goa Best Places To Visit In Goa Best Places To Visit In Goa


5. Beaches in Goa

Now talking about Goa and there is no discussion about beaches, then something seems incomplete. Goa is most famous for its beautiful beaches. This is the only reason that people come here not only from India but also from abroad. The most famous among the beaches is Baga Beach. Baga beach is famous for seafood, night life and parties, at the time water sports are also a large scale in Baga Beach. The Agonda Beach in Asia’s most attractive beaches is specially known for its clinginess. This is one of those Places to visit in Goa.

Things To Do

Sometimes there is less crowd, in this case it is perfect place for those who want to spent time in peace. Condolim Beach is located 12 KM from Panaji in North Goa. It is in Goa’s largest beaches. Here you can also enjoy some water sports. Apart from beach, church, carnival and sports in Goa, you can enjoy many fabulous places like Lord Mahavir Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Turtle Nesting, Goa Pictures Museum, Heritage Village, Goa Science Center, Digital Planetarium, and Tropical Spice Plantation


Best Places To Visit In Goa

6. Sports Activities in Goa

The Goa government has recently launched several adventure sports in the state. Hot Balloon: Goa Tourism has started Hot Air Balloon on Beechage last year. You can enjoy this balloon on the Baga beach and Candolim Beach in Panaji.Moonlight Kayaking: The Goa government has recently started this service at nightCaravane Tours: Through Caravane, you will be able to enjoy the exciting and spectacular way of sightseeing throughout Goa. Goa Tourism is also planning to connect this caravan tour to some of the major coastal areas of Karnataka.

Helicopter ride

After heavy protests, once again, Heli tourism has begun in Goa. This service has been started by Goa Tourism Development Corporation and Pawan Hans.Cruise Ride: In Goa you also get a chance to get a good cruise ride. During the journey there are various events organized on the cruise, which include dancing and many recreational sports. Overall, this is a awesome journey. Water sports: There is also a chance for all water sports such as River Rafting, Wind Surfing, Scuba Diving, Water Skiing, and Water Scooter in Goa. Simultaneously, the Goa government has to launch C-Plains, Dakbot, Paragliding, Motorized Paragliding, Sejeway Tour, Bing Jumping, Scuba Diving and Horse Riding too soon.

This is one of those Places to visit in Goa.

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