Travel Tips


Make List

About a week or so before each trip i make a list or a plan which help me to make easy everything and i don’t want to forget – which I Will forget i don’t write it down. plan according to weather, Because if your traveling in India you have to plan according to weather. if your planning to trip  then Ladakh, Shimala, Manali and Nainital can be visited in summer, while the popular tourist destination like Mumbai, Goa, kelarala, Hampi are best visited in winter.

Learn Common Words of the Local Language

A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language. I also like to learn the word for beer, but that’s just me. if your traveling in india you don’t need to be because in india you everywhere just speak in HINDI OR ENGLISH. if you don’t no  how to speak hindi then you have to learn few basic words :

Like Namaste (hello/goodbye), Shukriya  or Dhanyavad  (thank you), Madat (help), Aaj (today), Kal  (tomorrow), Chai  (Tea), Khaana (food),

Make Photocopies of Important Documents

Carry your document photocopies with you always. like passport, driving license, aadhar card, pan card n all.

Pre-plan Your Outfits and Bag Pack

I love to wear Shorts and t-shirts while traveling, so I’ve spent too many trips with all shorts and t-shirts. But you have to take care if your visiting temple, mosque or holy places, there you require to dress modestly by covering head and taking off your shoes before entering. I also love to be stylish while traveling. I always keep double everything, like sun glasses, watches, shoes, sleepers. Packing clothes for trips can be always incredible. Put electronics, medicines, toothbrush and extra pair of underwear. A few important items should always go in your carry-on. A swimsuit is also a good idea if you are going on a beach vacation. You can buy most of these things if your bag gets lost, but having them in your carry-on will save you money and time if your luggage get lost.

Ask locals for good Hotels and Restaurant

I always ask the locals point us to the best restaurant, Best spots of the place Or most visited places or location which you visit.

Thinks That Keep In Mind Always

Don’t judge peoples and there or culture. your just visitor. Be Respectful with there culture and things they do. Don’t lough on anyone if they are doing something different that your don’t know what they are doing?

Enquire about the price BEFORE You Take Public Transportation

It’s a good idea to ask about the price before you hop on a bus, car or other form of public transportation. i have reach Hyderabad at 3 Am and i Don’t no where will i get bus or any transportation and don’t have money to travel then i travel 800+ KM  with this person in truck .

Separate Your IMP Thinks

Separate your money and personal items. separate your sours of money. Don’t  keep your all cash and and cards at one spot. i usually hide my cash in many departments of and pant which i wearing while traveling. separate Avery think which your have like, creadit card, atm card and cash money.

Stay Healthy

To stay healthy remember the basic thinks precautions, Indian food is extremely acrid and it can be common everywhere. Some places in India is normal food not so much spicy, like Gujarat And some places of Rajasthan. eat always a fresh cooked food and water from only a sealed water bottles. always good to travel with some needed medications headache and other common ailments. if your eating medicines always then keep then with you in your pocket.

Let Someone at Home Know Your Plans

This is extremely important when traveling solo, but it’s still a good idea no matter how many people are in your travel group.


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