About Us

Hello Wonderful people, before you read our blog, let us introduce ourselves. We are Prachi and Keshav from Mumbai, India. Basically she is from Mumbai and I am from a small village call Prakasha. Though we met two year back, the only thing that brings us together is traveling, and after sometime we fell in love with each other.

One day we are talking on phone and fighting with each other, reason is “we don’t know who we are, we don’t know about each other, we don’t know what our hobbies and all”, the only think that we know is other is we love traveling a lot. After that, like every couple we decide to know each other, after a while we decided the best way to know each other is spend time together.

Prachi is an interior designer but her main interest is Photography, Traveling and she loves animals, especially dogs and cats. She loves to do which things she loves. And the most beautiful thing about prachi is, she is a awesome story teller.

Keshav is a script and screenplay writer by profession. He already wrote some stories and scripts for Marathi movies and serials.

Our dream is to travel the world but our 1st priority is travel to India, We want to tell people about every history and culture of India.

We work as a travel blogger / writer and photographer.